CO2 Production Plant

MOS Techno Engineers are India's Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of the CO2 production plant. Our CO2 gas plant is compact, adaptable to operate and requires low maintenance, we deliveries all sorts of CO2 gas plant that operate from low sulphur content diesel, kerosene or natural gas.

Cryogenic Storage Tanks

At Mos Techno Engineers we constantly have taken satisfaction in developing the best thermal insulation tanks and vacuum insulation tanks possible in our cryogenic equipment. Providing an excellent insulation system to protect your estimable gases from disturbing ambient contingencies results in lower pressure rise and lower losses, yielding better gas utilization.

Air Separation Plant

We are counted among the top manufacturers of Cryogenic air separation plants in India. We have skilled and trained engineers at our facility who have been building air separation plant, oxygen plant, nitrogen plant, liquid nitrogen/oxygen plants and equipment under the supervision of the skilled team of engineers to meet international specification.

Medical Oxygen Generator

MOS Techno Engineers are the well-known name for manufacturing and fabricating medical oxygen generators for utilisation in hospitals and other medical purposes. Our oxygen generator for hospitals is preferred because of our reliability for producing high-quality oxygen generators using the start of art cryogenic distillation technology.

Oxygen Filling Station

MOS Techno Engineers offers compact oxygen filling station, oxygen is delivered from compressed air by pressure swing adsorption technology. Our medical oxygen filling station is comprised of one or added pneumatic compressors with dry pistons compressing in various stages

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant

Our PSA Oxygen Gas Plant has designed for high production and supply. We have successfully commissioned Oxygen plant, Nitrogen plant and Acetylene plants with technical know-how gestational design & drawings with the modern technology.

CO2 Recovery Plant

Mos proposes large scale, high-performance CO2 Recovery Plant for employment in an extensive assortment of industries. The proposed CO2 Recovery Plant is constructed by using fine quality raw material and employing advanced technology in accordance with the set industry standards.

CO2 Purification System

Mos CO2 Purification System provides sufficient condensing capacity to liquefy dry incoming CO2 gas through a CO2 condenser. During the liquefaction process, non-condensable such as O2 and N2 are separated and removed, further purifying the liquid CO2 to food grade quality.