CO2 Purification System

Product Description

Mos CO2 Purification System provides sufficient condensing capacity to liquefy dry incoming CO2 gas through a CO2 condenser. During the liquefaction process, non-condensable such as O2 and N2 are separated and removed, further purifying the liquid CO2 to food grade quality. The purification of Carbon dioxide is a complicated process that uses several concentrations and expansions to generate high pressures and very low temperatures Liquid Carbon dioxide. The method of refrigerating a Liquid Carbon dioxide to a temperature below its critical temperature so that Liquid Carbon dioxide can be formed at some proper pressure, also below the crucial pressure.

Our CO₂ purification plants are engineered to generate purest liquid CO₂ to the exact purity level you need – all the way up to the food-grade quality
as per EIGA or FDA. Significant utilisation of liquid CO₂ includes food and beverages, desalination, cooling, cryogenic cleaning, welding and cutting, and healthcare. Purified CO₂ is also utilised across a widespread industrial spectrum.

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