Brewery Based CO2 Recovery Plant

Brewery Based CO2 Recovery Plant
Looking For Brewery Based CO2 Recovery Plant ?

MOS engineered Brewery Based CO2 Recovery Plant is wide in demand for the soft drinks production industry, breweries and various more associated industries such as beverage and dry ice production. These are essentially employed for several industrial purposes such as cooling units, gas dryers, and cylinders filling system. The CO2 Recovery System is developed to be a fully automated CO2 recovery plant with an exceptional capability of handling a huge volume of CO2 every hour and it consists of two adsorption tanks filled with drying agent molecular sieves in order to remove the residual moisture from the carbon dioxide flows within one tank while the other tank is regenerated by the heater. The continuous process in this CO2 recovery brewery plant meets the international food-grade CO2 production quality standards. All stages of purification in MOS engineered Brewery CO2 Recovery Plants are precisely adjusted to the specific requirements of a brewery, taking into consideration technological and financial aspects. By compression and condensation, the storage volume is reduced to such an extent that temporary storage of even very large volumes of carbon dioxide requires little space.

CO2 Recovery System takes carbon dioxide gas from the fermentation method progresses by a line of purification processes. At the corresponding interval, Carbon dioxide recovery with a very high degree of purity is needed for the generation process in a modern CO2 brewery. With our CO2 recovery plants, we offer systems which meet all demands of our clients to maximum pureness with least O2 content and highest production.

Brewery CO2 Recovery System

Utility requirement for different capacities Co2 Recovery Plant
Plant CapacityPowerMake Up WaterLiquid Co2
Storage Capacity
Cooling Water
Kg/Hr.KWHPM3/Hr.Gal/MinIn Metric TonM3/HrGal/Min
500167.522.1 628.85030132.1
* Larger Capacities are available on request as per customer requirement.