Natural Gas Based Co2 Production Plant

Natural Gas Based Co2 Production Plant

Product Description

MOS Techno Engineers Engineered Natural Gas Based Carbon Di-Oxide Production Plant produces biogas that is used as a fuel in the gas engine and consolidated heat and power (CHP) plant. In comparison to the power produced from fossil fuels, the power produced in the CHP plant is CO2neutral. Each plant is designed for entirely automated operation and simplified overall operation. Tested to the comprehensive measure potential, the plant construction is done very accurately. In engineering the plant, the assortment of proper raw material is done intelligently so that the plant can have a long working life with strength and a maximum value of money.

Utility Requirement For Various Capacity CO2 Production Plant

CapacityFuel (diesel) Kg/hrWater m3/hrPower KW
80 Kg/hr280.758
100 Kg/hr350.958
150 Kg/hr52.51.475
200 Kg/hr701.990
250 Kg/hr87.42.4100
300 Kg/hr104.92.9110
400 Kg/hr139.93.8135
500 Kg/hr1754.6170
1000 Kg/hr3498.6240

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