Medical Oxygen Generation Plant

Medical Oxygen Generation Plant
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Medical oxygen generator Plant appropriate PSA or Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. Medically approved oxygen at 95% ± 3% delivered from Atmospheric air comprises of 20-21% oxygen. Our medical oxygen PSA plants are fabricated and manufactured utilizing distinguished international standards. Excellent technology which has been developed by achieving satisfactory results by performing Research & Development over several years.

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a technology which has been proven for this job, our oxygen gas plant for hospitals performs on par with the immeasurable in the world. MOS Techno Engineers considers superior concerning making exceptional Oxygen Plant. Our team of engineers has designed and developed oxygen plants to reach the distinguished measures of performance and dependability.

The on-site generation of medical grade oxygen with MOS oxygen generators allows constant, dependable & cost-effective supply for medical grade oxygen suitable for hospital supply. Our oxygen generators have been specifically outlined and developed to supply oxygen in medical facilities following strict quality guidelines.

Our Oxygen generators thus, meet the standards for quality medical usage. With an oxygen purity of 93%-95%, they satisfy the requirements of the medical applications. Besides, these generators are approved following the Medical Device Standards.

Our systems operate with a safety mechanism that enables the Oxygen supply to automatically turn over to the backup cylinder supply in the unlikely circumstance that system performance varies from preset limits. Sensory and Optical signals further warn the operator of this situation so that corrective messers will be performed.

The need for medical oxygen around the world is steadily climbing due mainly to our aging population. The problem is that currently available reserves of these tanks are limited and quickly dwindling. But you can be a lifesaver! In less than 24 hours, with our advanced oxygen refilling plant, you can have enough units on hand to cover any gasp needs. Insert your empty cylinders into one opening, close it securely and hit go! Our advanced filling technology will then turn them into total stocks in just a few minutes – without human intervention or manual labor beyond opening and closing doors!

Medical Oxygen Plant Specifications

Specifications Parameters
Brand/Make “MOS Techno Engineers ”
Automatic Grade Automatic
Design Standard
Purity 93.0%
Pressure 2.5 Bar

Our medical oxygen generators are perfect for hospitals and other health care facilities that need a reliable source of pure, high-quality oxygen. They’re also great for research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and more!

Clients can trust us to provide the with the most advanced technology on the market today. Our systems use PSA or Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, one of the cleanest methods available in terms of emissions and energy consumption. It’s also very efficient – it only requires 1/3 as much electricity as traditional air separation plants! That means we save money every time we run our system – so you save money too! And because our generators use less power than others, they create less heat – making them safer to operate around people and equipment. Plus, they produce no noise pollution whatsoever since there are no moving parts inside them at all! So if you want an environmentally friendly way to get pure oxygen without any hassles, contact us now about how we can help make your life easier by providing quality medical oxygen generator solutions that work perfectly in hospitals everywhere.