Co2 Storage Tank

Co2 Storage Tank

Product Description

MOS Techno Engineers are known for the manufacturing of Co2 Storage Tank, pressure vessels which are approved by all major consultants in India now offer pre-engineered tankage for Liquid CO2 Storage Tank, having the storage capacity range from 3,000 kgs to 50,000 kgs of liquid carbon dioxide. These CO2 storage tanks can be horizontally and vertically installed with 175 mm thick vacuum Insulation and aluminum cladding. The exteriors are wire cleaned and sandblasted before painting. The painting is performed with 2 coats of zinc chromate primer supported by 2 coats of enamel paint.

PUF Insulated Liquid Co2 Storage Tank

MOS Techno Engineers are backed by a team of highly trained experts and are successfully providing PUF Insulated Liquid CO 2 Storage Tank. Offered storage systems are suitable for storing gases at the lowest temperature of -20-degree centigrade.

Vacuum Insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Storage Tank

cuum Insulated Liquid Carbon dioxide storage Tank systems use the liquid in low-pressure form. This system maintains Carbon di-oxide at a TEMPERATURE OF ABOUT —20°C with corresponding pressure of 20kg/cm2g.

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