PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants
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In order to cater to the diversified demands of our clients, we have been able to provide a unique range of PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants.

Salient Features:

  • Very compact skid-mounted units supplied, duly assembled from our factory
  • Start-up time only 5-minutes to get nitrogen of desired purity
  • No petroleum fuels required – only electrical power and cooling water needed for nitrogen generation
  • Life of carbon molecular sieves guaranteed for more than 10 years on continuous operation basis
  • All the plants are tailor made and adjusted to give nitrogen of desired quality depending upon its application


  • It works on pressure swing absorption technology developed by carbon tech, Germany(the technology inventors) and upgraded by our vast experience on the system
  • The Nitrogen plant consists of twin tower system that is filled with a special grade of carbon molecular sieves
  • Two absorption towers are interconnected with auto change over valves
  • Nitrogen gas of desired purity(up to- 10 ppm level) is stored in the nitrogen surge tank
  • For big size plants nitrogen produced from PSA skid is approximate with 1% oxygen which is reduced to the desired level up to 1 ppm by providing deoxo/ dryer system in the downstream as per the client’s requirement
  • To monitor the impurities (Oxygen Moisture)in the product gas, online analyzers are provided