CO2 Recovery Plant

CO2 Recovery Plant
Looking For CO2 Recovery Plant ?

MOS CO2 Recovery Plant comprised of from CO2 Recovery system from the distillery, CO2 Recovery from brewery & CO2 Recovery from Natural gas is the outcome of several years of experience and continuous development, based on extensive knowledge relating to Gas production treatment CO2 Liquefaction & CO2 Purification technology and refrigeration design. We offer our clients the best solutions, which is a great benefit for the brewery based CO2 Recovery, Natural Gas based CO2 Recovery. With our CO2 recovery system, we offer systems that meet all requirements of efficient carbon dioxide treatment: maximum purity with the lowest oxygen content and maximum yield.

Thanks to the innovative technology MOSCO2 Stackgas Recovery Plants are able to recover the CO2 from vent flue gas generated by combustion processes in an energy-efficient way.

Our CO 2 Recovery Plant Mainly Comprises Of Equipment’s Like:

  • CO 2 Balloons
  • Purification modules like foam traps
  • Dryers/ Dehydrators
  • Deodorizer’s
  • Refrigerated CO 2 Pressure Vessels
  • Liquefaction Condensers
  • CO 2 gas storage tank
  • CO 2 vaporizer’s

CO2 Recovery Process

The first step in a CO2 Recovery Plant volume reduction in CO2 Recovery is a two-stage compression. With a dry-running piston compressor, the fermentation carbon dioxide is compressed to one-sixteenth of the original gas volume. After the CO 2 compressor, the gas passes through Deodorizer’s consisting of two vessels, substances influencing odor and taste are removed, with identical plant design, the only difference between the purifier and the dryer is the filling with special activated carbon.

After this, the gas passes through the drying unit of the CO2 recovery plant. Our Plant is consists of two adsorption tanks that are filled with drying agent molecular sieves in order to remove the residual moisture from the gas, the carbon dioxide flows through one tank while the other tank is regenerated by the heater. In the next phase, the liquid CO2 in a shell and tube heat exchanger and inert gases like O2 and N2 are removed. All stages of purification in a MOS Techno Engineer’s carbon dioxide recovery will be precisely adjusted to the specific requirements of a brewery, taking into consideration technological and financial aspects.

By compression and condensation, the storage volume is reduced to such an extent that temporary storage of even very large quantities of carbon dioxide requires little space. The compressed gas is liquefied in the condenser and then collected in a storage tank. Thus, the brewer can collect the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation over several days and can then use it for the production process as required.

Utility requirement for different capacities of Co2 Recovery Plant

Plant CapacityPowerMake Up WaterLiquid Co2
Storage Capacity
Cooling Water
Kg/Hr.KWHPM3/Hr.Gal/MinIn Metric TonM3/HrGal/Min
500167.522.1 628.85030132.1
* Larger Capacities are available on request as per customer requirement.

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