Distillery Based CO 2 Recovery Plant

Distillery Based CO2 Recovery Plant
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MOS Techno Engineers are renowned CO2 Recovery Plant Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters. We offer our clients CO2 Recovery Plant the from distillery & brewery are the result of many years of experience and continuous development, based on comprehensive know-how relating to CO2 Recovery System, Carbon di-oxide gas production, Treatment Purification technology and refrigeration engineering. We build & offer our customers the best solutions, which is a great benefit for the brewery & other industries due to their low investment and operating costs. Distillery Based CO2 Recovery Plant is wide in demand for soft drinks production industries, breweries and many more related sectors for supplying fresh water and boiler feed water. Fabricated in accordance with industry standards, these CO2 Recovery System available in different sizes as to meet client's specific demands. These are essentially used for various industrial applications such as freezing units, gas dryers and cylinders filling operation. The constant process in this C02 gas recovery plant meets the international food grade quality standards. Our Advanced CO2 Recovery Plant to gain high-purity CO2 for all industrial and food applications, individually customised to our client's specifications. Our Co2 recovery plant have Economical operating costs are accomplished by employing innovative and proven technologies in the area of Co2 purification, Co2 liquefaction. High CO2 recovery and efficient production more CO2 product, which can then be utilized to enhance product quality or may be sold for increased revenues.

CO2 recovery plants have various applications. The fully automatic system correctly treat the CO2 generated during the fermentation process. The refined CO2 complies with all provisions for food grade utilization and can thus be utilised for beer making. Besides obtaining carbon dioxide is not required, In enhancement to this supplement to cost decrease, recovery units also provide to the state quality support in the brewery, as the beer only comes into contact with carbon dioxide generated by the brewery itself.

Co2 Recovery Plant

  • Raw gas produced from the fermenters enters into the system in which the gas is fed in foam trap for removal of foam
  • The gas is pushed into the chain/series of scrubbing systems with the help of booster blower. It comprises of pre water scrubber, KMNO4 scrubber with dosing facilities
  • In this, the CO2 gas is washed properly using water
  • After this, the raw gas enters into a buffering vessel, from which, it moves towards two stage CO2 compressor for compression up to a desired pressure
  • For removal of odor, the raw gas is fed into the dual tower activated carbon filter
  • The raw gas is passed through the high pressure precooler into the dual tower CO2 dryer
  • It also passes through liquefaction system and nox removal tower
  • Finally, the liquid goes directly to the storage tank where the gas stores for a particular period of time

Co2 Recovery Plant Specification

Utility requirement for different capacities Co2 Recovery Plant
Plant Capacity Power Make Up Water Liquid Co2
Storage Capacity
Cooling Water
Kg/Hr. KW HP M3/Hr. Gal/Min In Metric Ton M3/Hr Gal/Min
100 33.5 44.9 0.4 1.76 15 7 30.8
250 83.7 112.3 1 4.4 25 17.5 77
500 167.5 22.1 6 2 8.8 50 30 132.1
750 251.2 336.9 5.9 13.2 100 45 198.2
1000 334.9 449.2 7.9 17.6 110 60 264.2
1500 502.4 673.8 6 26.5 150 90 396.3
2000 669.9 898.4 8 35.3 200 120 538.4
* Larger Capacities are available on request as per customer requirement.