CO2 Transport Tank

CO2 Transport Tank
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MOS Techno Engineers offering a precisely designed assortment of Liquid CO2 Transport Tank. Our advanced CO2 transportation tanks are built using cutting edge technology and utmost-grade components difference with set industrial manufacturing standards. Furthermore, the assigned CO2 transportation tanks are stringently examined by our quality controllers to achieve a flawless assortment of Liquid CO2 Transport Tank. Extended transport tanks are proper to fit the transports vehicles. Depending on the client’s requirements, both electric or hydraulic CO2 transfer pumps will be equipped.

Features of CO2 Transport Tank

  • Pressure reducing stations with the by-pass line.
  • Pressure gauge and switch provided for automatic control of the pressure inside the vessel.
  • Differential pressure liquid level indicator provided to determine the liquid level in mm WC with a choice of level chart which indicates the tentative quantity of the liquid in Kgs.
  • Load Cell weighing system. (Optional)
  • The temperature gauge provided.
  • Safety valves (2 Nos.) are provided each having sufficient discharge capacity when there is excessive pressure accumulation.
  • Isolation valves (2 Nos.) provided to control/bar the flow.
  • 200mm thick PUF insulation with aluminum sheet barrier.
  • Vacuum insulated double-walled cryogenic gas storage tanks/Vessels as alternative options.
  • Liquid Carbon dioxide transfer pump with piping for cylinder filling purposes.
  • The entire framework is solid with easy access and maintenance of the components.
  • CO2 Vapour Condensing Units on storage installations to provide no-loss storage.