Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

Cryogenic Air Separation Unit
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Cryogenic Air Separation Unit

MOS Techno Engineers are the know as the pioneers among the Air Separation Plant Manufacturers. Our engineers have designed Cryogenic Air Separation Plant is the most economical and cost-effective technology for the industry of medium to large scale. MOS Techno Engineers are well known for their reliability and performance of Cryogenic Air Separation Plant. Our Cryogenic Air Separation Plant is typically adopted numerous industries to produce various high purity gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and argon and high purity gases their liquid form. Air Separation Plant Price offered by MOS Techno Engineers is much competing price in the industry.

Cryogenic Air Separation Process is the adopted technology for making very distinguished virtue of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases. We fabricate, manufacture and export our own air separation plant & air separation unit and we propose the best cryogenic air separation plant capital cost. Our Air Separation plants delivering liquefied industrial gas produce fitting cryogenic technology. With the technologically seasoned team of engineers, we have earned the name among the top air separation plant manufacturers in India.

Cryogenic Air Separation Plant mainly consists of the following equipment.
  • Plate type heat exchanger
  • Medium pressure column
  • Low-pressure column
  • Expansion turbine
  • Air liquefier
  • Rich liquid sub-cooler
  • Sub-cooler
  • Liquid Nitrogen separator
  • Liquid Oxygen separator

Air Separation Plant Specifications

Automatic Grade Automatic
Design Standard
Oxygen Purity 99.70%
Nitrogen Purity 99.90%
Power(W) 450 kW

Cryogenic Air Separation Process

cryogenic air separation process