Oxygen Gas Plant

Oxygen Gas Plant
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Most trustworthy and leading Oxygen gas manufacturing plant in India serving our clients throughout the world. Our Oxygen Plant is are high performing & cost-effective in its operation. We have focused on offering our clients high-quality oxygen production and oxygen filling station. Our oxygen generator plant comes with an effective expansion engine, which reduces the operating pressures notably to as low as 32-35 kg/cm2 and also cuts down energy consumption.

The most distinctive Expansion Engine and a bypass valve that facilitates fast and adequate cooling. The prominent features of an oxygen plant consolidate the most advanced technology, smooth production, most minor power consumption, and zero possibilities of any defects. These characteristics allow these plants to become highly durable and economically viable for their operation.

Oxygen production plant

Our oxygen plant is consists of a molecular screen battery drier unit for the separation of moisture and carbon dioxide is another money-saving tool. It eliminates acetylene and other hydrocarbons from the process air, thus eliminating the need for separate acetylene absorbents, and it eliminates recurring caustic soda costs.

Using the latest plant technology, we offer our customers the highest level of reliability to generate profitable and competitive, high purity oxygen for medical and industrial applications. All our systems and plants are adapted to your individual needs because MOS Process Engineering develops tailored solutions. We have developed an Oxygen Plant with automated systems adopted to generate oxygen for Industrial and Medical purposes.

Cryogenic Oxygen Plant

Cryogenic technology is extensively practiced by oxygen plant suppliers worldwide. And, we practice the most advanced cutting-edge technology in fabricating and manufacturing oxygen plants. As a result, the plants manufactured by our engineers are known for their sturdiness and trustworthiness production capabilities.

Top-quality elements are utilized in the building of the machinery. The design of our oxygen-making plant is mainly concentrated on producing high-grade oxygen production that is produced utilizing advanced cryogenic technology. With the oxygen tank filling, transfer produced utilizing advanced cryogenic technology to gas cylinders.

Oxygen Gas Generator

The oxygen generators utilize modern and superior cutting-edge technology. Atmospheric air comprises 20-21% oxygen, and the Pressure Swing Adsorption method utilizes Zeolite minute sieves to collect the oxygen gas from the air. Our Oxygen Plant is fitted for consistent production of high purity Oxygen Gas and Nitrogen Gas. Our Oxygen Generator Plant also has an enclosed compression with the oxygen tank filling to supply dry gaseous oxygen in cylinders. We also undertake the supervision of the installation and commissioning of the plant.

Technical Specification

Plant capacity – The plant is very versatile and can be set for cycle to produce any  one of the following alternatives

Oxygen Production Nitrogen Production
AlternativeGas QuantityGas PurityProduct Pr.Gas QuantityGas PurityProduct Pr.
1MOS 4040 cu.m/hr0.995150 kg/cm2* 210 cu.m/hr0.960.1 kg/cm2
2MOS 8080 cu.m/hr0.995150 kg/cm2* 400 cu.m/hr0.960.1 kg/cm2
2AMOS 8070 cu.m/hr0.996150 kg/cm2* 80 cu.m/hr0.9950.1 kg/cm2
2MOS 100100 cu.m/hr0.995150 kg/cm2* 500 cu.m/hr0.960.1 kg/cm2
3AMOS 10090 cu.m/hr0.996150 kg/cm2* 100 cu.m/hr0.9950.1 kg/cm2
4MOS 150150 cu.m/hr0.995150 kg/cm2* 700 cu.m/hr0.960.1 kg/cm2
4AMOS 150135 cu.m/hr0.996150 kg/cm2* 150 cu.m/hr0.9950.1 kg/cm2

Note: Above 50,100,200 and 300 cu.m/hr of Nitrogen will be used for regeneration of driers respectively for 40,80,100 and 150 cu.m/hr Plants.

Oxygen Production Nitrogen Production
AlternativeGas QuantityGas PurityProduct Pr.Gas QuantityGas PurityProduct Pr.
1MOS 200200 cu.m/hr0.995150 kg/cm2* 700 cu.m/hr0.980.1 kg/cm2
1AMOS 200180 cu.m/hr0.996150 kg/cm2* 400 cu.m/hr0.99990.1 kg/cm2
2MOS 300300 cu.m/hr0.995150 kg/cm2* 1300 cu.m/hr0.980.1 kg/cm2
2AMOS 300270 cu.m/hr0.996150 kg/cm2* 700 cu.m/hr0.99990.1 kg/cm2
2MOS 400400 cu.m/hr0.995150 kg/cm2* 1600 cu.m/hr0.980.1 kg/cm2
3AMOS 400360 cu.m/hr0.996150 kg/cm2* 900 cu.m/hr0.99990.1 kg/cm2
4MOS 600600 cu.m/hr0.995150 kg/cm2* 2940 cu.m/hr0.980.1 kg/cm2
4AMOS 600540 cu.m/hr0.996150 kg/cm2* 1400 cu.m/hr0.99990.1 kg/cm2
5MOS 10001000 cu.m/hr0.99540 kg/cm2* 4500 cu.m/hr0.980.1 kg/cm2
5AMOS 1000900 cu.m/hr0.99640 kg/cm2* 2000 cu.m/hr0.99990.1 kg/cm2

Note: Above 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 cu.m/hr of Nitrogen will be used for regeneration of driers respectively for 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 cu.m/hr Plants.

The above plant capacities are based on ambient conditions of 27o deg temperature 760 mm of Hg pressure and 70% relative humidity and 300 ppm (0.03%) of Carbon Dioxide is allowed as an impurity. 

Plant Specification

Minimum Order Quantity1 Set
Automatic GradeAutomatic
Capacity50- 1000 m3/hr
Purity Oxygen99.70%
Purity Nitrogen99.99%
ApplicationsMedical & Industrial
CertificationISO 9001:2008
LifeLong Life
UsageOxygen Production