Cryogenic Double Wall Vacuum Insulated CO2 Storage Tank

Cryogenic Double Wall Vacuum Insulated CO2 Storage Tank
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Vacuum Insulated Liquid Carbon dioxide storage Tank systems use the liquid in low-pressure form. This system maintains Carbon di-oxide at a TEMPERATURE OF ABOUT —20°C with corresponding pressure of 20kg/cm2g. This system permits flexible operation, dependability of supply and eliminates manual handling of a large number of gases in cylinders. The storage vessel is self-contained, consisting of a coded vessel of low-temperature grade carbon steel, insulation, and control system. The vessel is provided with approved class valves, piping, and fittings. All necessary certificates and testimonials required for statutory approval are furnished with delivery. The design pressure ranges from 22 to 26 kg/cm2g. Insulation may be either conventional PUF or vacuum insulated jacketed vessel filled with powder insulate to minimize the evaporation losses. The capacity ranges from 1 MT to 100MT.

Components And Accessories

  1. Pressure reducing stations with a bypass line. PRV is able to deliver constant pressure in downstream side irrespective of change of pressure of the upstream side.
  2. Pressure gauge and pressure switch have been provided for auto control of tank pressure by operation of the CO 2 cooling unit.
  3. Differential pressure liquid level indicator indicates the level of mmWC column. A corresponding chart is supplied with each system to determine the tentative quantity of liquid in Kgs.(Optional).
  4. Load cell weighing system would be provided on demand (Optional).
  5. P. type gas flow rate indicator cum totalizer can also be provided on the tank outlet line for counting the gas quantity (Optional).
  6. Temperature indicator indicates liquid temperature and pressurising circuit maintains tank pressure (Optional).
  7. The cooling unit control panel operates when pressure exceeds above set-range to restrict the vapor loss. This has an electric control circuit and other instruments as per the requirement to make it automatically operational.
  8. Two nos. of safety valves are provided each having sufficient discharge capacity to discharge the gas during excessive pressure accumulation. Two nos. of isolation valves provided for periodic inspection and testing of safety valves.
  9. Vaporizer to maintain constant CO 2 vapor during process consumption of gas in the plant.
  10. 200thK PUF Insulation provided with aluminum sheet barrier.
  11. The entire system is sturdy, compact with easy access and maintenance of components.