Diesel Fired Based CO2 Production Plant

Diesel Fired Based CO2 Production Plant
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MOS engineered Diesel Fired Based Carbon Di-Oxide Production Plant is developed based on very sturdy design and being a fully automated plant with an exceptional capability of handling huge volume of food-grade CO2 production. In a Diesel Fired Based Carbon Di-Oxide Gas Plant, Diesel is burned in controlled conditions to produce flue gases containing CO2 & Heat. The heat is used to regenerate the Rich Amine solution caring CO2 where as the flue gases are used to recover CO2 in the absorbed column. The CO2 released during the Amine Regeneration process is then further processed in the MOS developed purification system to acquire food grade CO2. This gaseous CO2 is then compressed & liquefied to store the food grade Carbon Di-Oxide in CO2 storage tanks.

Diesel CO2 Plant Benefit

Flexible Layouts. Compact, modular component design means fast and easy installation and provides an economical use of available space, covering a variety of different layouts.
BurnerEfficient, reliable combustion of dual fuel.
Inline Scrubber Water Recirculation and Treatment SystemDesigned to handle all the process scrubbing water, this system recycles, neutralizes and sheds the process heat from the water all in one circuit. This significantly reduces the volume of water discharged to drain, providing an economical and environmentally friendly water system.
Single Absorber TowerSpace saving, reduced complexity of design while still maintaining efficient absorption.
Process Towers LocationOption of indoor or outdoor installation of all process towers allows flexibility of layout in a variety of different situations. Outdoor location also reduces the required weather protection for the system.
Dry Running CO2 CompressorSpecially designed for use with CO2 gas, the dry running compressor means there is no possibility of CO2 contamination with oil.
Low Pressure Stainless Steel PurifierLonger residence time provides ultra-efficient NOx and H2S removal
Carbon Filter & “SP Media”A high capacity carbon filtration & “SP Media” column is installed in the CO2 gas inlet line to the compressor, to provide further assurance of pure and odour-free CO2
Centralized Control Panel and Panel viewAutomatic plant operation and panel view provide visual display and one touch read-outs of process data from a centralized position.

Utility Requirement For Various Capacity

CapacityFuel (diesel) Kg/hrWater m3/hrPower KW
50 Kg/hr170.535
80 Kg/hr280.758
100 Kg/hr350.958
150 Kg/hr52.51.475
200 Kg/hr701.990
250 Kg/hr87.42.4100
300 Kg/hr104.92.9110
400 Kg/hr139.93.8135
500 Kg/hr1754.6180
1000 Kg/hr3498.6290

Food Grade CO2 Gas Plant Video