Biogas CO2 Recovery Plant

Biogas CO2 Recovery Plant
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MOS Techno Engineers offers Biogas based CO2 Recovery Plant, that uses a modernized technology through which pure and food-grade quality Carbon Dioxide can be achieved. The plant has the most advanced automated control equipment and is simple to operate and requires very small maintenance.

The Carbon Dioxide containing flaming gases moves through a pre-cleaning stage and is taken into communication with an aqueous MEA solution which absorbs Carbon Dioxide. Thereafter, the Carbon Dioxide gas is desorbed of this solution and reduced to the essential pressure utilizing special compressors. This is accompanied by purification, drying and final cleaning stages of CO2 gas which is then liquefied and supplied in a storage tank.

The Biomethane CO2 Recovery the gaseous CO2 that is generated throughout the upgrading can be liquefied. This liquid CO2 has the food-grade quality and can be used in:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Refrigeration installations
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Greenhouses
Utility requirement for different capacities Co2 Recovery Plant
Plant CapacityPowerMake Up WaterLiquid Co2
Storage Capacity
Cooling Water
Kg/Hr.KWHPM3/Hr.Gal/MinIn Metric TonM3/HrGal/Min
500167.522.1 628.85030132.1
* Larger Capacities are available on request as per customer requirement.

Recovering CO2 gas from bio-gas can result in decreasing CO2 from the environment. Depending on how bio-gas is used, there are different ways to obtain carbon dioxide gas for commercial use. A bio-gas plant that uses raw biogas to produce power and heat can be retrofitted by integrating CO2 capture.