Charcoal Fired Based Co2 Production Plant

Charcoal Fired Based Co2 Production Plant
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MOS engineered Charcoal Fired Based Carbon CO2 Production Plant is developed based on very sturdy design and be a fully automated plant with an exceptional capability of handling a huge volume of food-grade CO2 production. The design of the Charcoal-Fired Based Carbon Di-Oxide Production Plant includes a crosshead and stuffing box. This assures complete separation between the combustion chamber and lubricating oil. Highest quality Stainless Steel and other raw materials are used in engineering the production plant, high in demand all across the globe.

Utility Requirement

Capacity Fuel (diesel) Kg/hr Water m3/hr Power KW
80 Kg/hr280.758
100 Kg/hr350.958
150 Kg/hr52.51.475
200 Kg/hr701.990
250 Kg/hr87.42.4100
300 Kg/hr104.92.9110
400 Kg/hr139.93.8135
500 Kg/hr1754.6170
1000 Kg/hr3498.6240

Food Grade CO2 Plant