Liquid Oxygen Tank

Liquid Oxygen Tank
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The Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank composed of double-layered cylindrical vessels. The inner and outer vessel cylindrical filled with the insulated body to safeguard it from the surrounding heat. oxygen storage tank developed in a way to guarantee that it is sturdy, compact and easy to command.

The pressurizing system built to use for enhancing the pressure during the liquefied oxygen gas is transferred to vessels. As the pressurizing system is used for controlling the opening of both top and bottom filling valve, there is an almost negative outcome of pressure during liquid delivery, which facilitates uniform liquid oxygen flow to the tanks.

Oxygen Storage Tank Features

  • Simple tube structure
  • No need to replace the insulation material regularly
  • Excellent insulation and low static evaporation
  • Convenient system operation and small area requirement
  • The tanks can supply cryogenic liquid from the bottom by connecting it to an outer vaporizer and cryogenic pump.
  • Low area requirement, safety
  • Simple operating convenience
  • Vacuum insulation cryogenic storage tanks are used to supply liquefied oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other liquefied gases.