Oxygen Storage Tank

Oxygen Storage Tank
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We are the leading manufacturer of a wide range of Cryogenic storage tanks, including oxygen storage tanks, nitrogen storage tanks, transport storage tanks, and Mobile Storage tanks. MOS Oxygen Storage Tank offered by us is a premium grade product that undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality. We use innovative technology and top-of-the-line materials to manufacture this storage tanks. We construct storage tanks according to industry standards set forth within the client organization’s needs.

Cryogenic Oxygen Storage Tank

Our Cryogenic Oxygen Storage Tank is a double-layered vessel with insulation between the two layers. The inner and outer layer contains heated oxygen, which keeps it safe from the heat outside the tank. This storage tank can store large amounts without worrying about going anything wrong or breaking easily. This product design is for durability at all times.

MOS Oxygen Storage Tank is perfect for storing your Liquids Oxygen Gas. It comes in two built materials stainless steel inner vessel (for low-temperature storage) and a carbon-made outer casing. They keep their contents safe from climate changes while not creating too much noise when handled.

Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank

Our Liquid Oxygen Storage tanks are vacuum-insulated pressure vessels that store low temperature, liquefied oxygen. The space between the inner and outer container is evacuated up to below 50 microns for maximum safety from contaminants like moisture or other dangers, which could lead your system to failure because there would be no insulation against leaks in this case.


  • Ideal for every location
  • Easy to Handle
  • Maintenance Free

Other Details

  • Minimum evaporation loss due to high degree evacuation and filling interspace with expanded powder insulation / multi-layer super insulation.
  • Simple installation cost-effective easy maintenance and entire vessel is epoxy painted white
  • Sturdy construction compact inner vessel of stainless steel and outer vessel of carbon steel
  • Fitted with liquid level indicator safety valves, pressure gauge vacuum sensor pressure build-up valves and other fittings
  • Instruments suitably positioned for easy access and operation and diverter valve at dual safety device;
  • Suitable for transferring liquid gas as well as vapor gas at present operating pressures to distribution pipelines.
  • Thermo – syphon system for storage vessels meant for cylinder filling purposes to minimize filling losses
  • All valves and safeties are in accordance with standard codes and approval is granted from CCOE Nagpur
  • Mobile Tanks are precisely designed to provide a useful load to gross transport weight and powerful pressuring coil fitted to offset the need of transfer pump.