Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Product Description

MOS Techno Engineers offers the most extensive assortment of Cryogenic Tanks such as Cryogenic Storage tank (Cryotank) for LNG, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, etc with capacities from 5 to 320 m3, with effective & timely delivery. Our engineers have developed Cryogenic tanks that composed of double-layered cylindrical vessels, with sturdy thermal insulating capabilities within the chamber between them. Cryogenic Storage tanks are developed in both a vertical variant including legs support and horizontal variant supported with cradles and anchoring to the ground.

Inner Membrane

The inner container constructed of the austenitic stainless steel body.

Outer Membrane

The exterior surface is shot blasted and protected with dual layers coating surface with high Anti-Rust primer spray supported by a studious white polyurethane epoxy overcoating.

Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Storage Tank

Providing you the best range of Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Tanks such as Cryogenic Storage Tank, Cryogenic Stationary Tank and Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank with effective & timely delivery.

Oxygen Storage Tank

The Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank composed of double-layered cylindrical vessels. The inner and outer vessel cylindrical filled with the insulated body to safeguard it from the surrounding heat.

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